Nolte: CNN Misses Top 25 as MSNBC’s Top Hitters See Double Digit Ratings Dive

Now that their two-year Russia Collusion Hoax has been exposed, CNN and MSNBC are hemorrhaging a massive number of viewers.

MSNBC’s top three shows all suffered a double digit ratings drop in the wake of the Mueller Report’s exposure of the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Meanwhile, hapless CNN (a far-left fake news network that encourages political violence against the right), failed to place even a single one of its show in the top 25.

Seven Fox News hours and three MSNBC hours comprised April’s top ten cable news shows. Per TV Newser, here is top ten with the average number of total viewers and how those numbers compare to April of last year:

  1.  Hannity: 3,086,000 / -5%
  2. Tucker Carlson Tonight: 2,834,000 / +9%
  3. The Rachel Maddow Show: 2,630,000/  -13%
  4.  The Ingraham Angle: 2,455,000 / -2%
  5.  The Five:  2,398,000 /  +10%
  6.  The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:  2,081,000/ -10%
  7.  Special Report with Bret Baier: 2,043,000 / -8%
  8.  The Story with Martha MacCallum: 1,811,000 / -8%
  9.  America’s Newsroom:  1,609,000 /  -1%
  10.  All in with Chris Hayes1,547,000 / -20%

As you can see, some Fox News shows were down a bit (Hannity down five percent, Ingraham down two percent) and some were up (Tucker up nine percent, The Five up ten percent), but all three of MSNBC’s top shows saw a double digit dive.

Rachel Maddow is down a pretty serious 13 percent in total viewers, but she also nosedived 33 percent in the advertiser-coveted 25-54 age demo, more than any other show in the top ten … except for Lawrence O’Donnell, who sank 33 percent in the demo and ten percent in total viewers.

Chris Hayes lost a full fifth of his total viewing audiences and didn’t even make the top ten in demo viewers, so there is no number to compare to last year.

Until the Mueller Report hit, Maddow was in a death match with Hannity for the top spot in cable news. He almost always won, but the possibility existed she could overtake him. In fact, MSNBC was romantically close to snatching the overall crown from Fox.

Those possibilities have all since vanished.

For a whole host of reasons, MSNBC is faring much better than CNN, which lost a full quarter of its already minuscule audience last month. And now we know that CNN could not even place one show in the top 25, even though it is only competing against two other outlets.

CNN’s top rated show was Chris Cuomo’s hour, which came in at number 26 and averaged only 887,000 viewers. Hannity nearly quadrupled Fredo. How humiliating.

Jake Tapper’s average total viewers collapsed to just 732,000, and he is supposed to be the lead-off hitter into CNN’s primetime line-up. What a fall.

CNN chief Jeff Zucker is supposed to be a genius at producing morning shows. Well, no more. CNN’s terrible morning show New Day averaged only 452,000 viewers, less than a third of Fox and Friends’ 1.46 million.

MSNBC deserves credit for being openly left-wing. Unlike CNN, MSNBC puts on the uniform and steps into the arena. That does not, though, alter the fact that for two years MSNBC deliberately misled its audience with the Russia Collusion Hoax, that for two years MSNBC assured and reassured its left-leaning audience President Trump’s arrest and impeachment were imminent.

You can’t do that, you can’t get people’s hopes up with fevered lies and hope they will all still tune in.

All this stupid kabuki surrounding Attorney General Bill Barr and Dirty Cop Robert Mueller’s crybaby letter is basically the last stand of the Russia Collusion Hoaxers, the last gasp to set the hook in Trump. But as we saw from Barr’s testimony Tuesday, it’s all for show, all nonsense, just a bunch of sore losers elevating the art of sore-losering to a whole new level primarily to try and tie Trump up in knots and sucker Maddow and Company’s suckers once again.

Nevertheless, MSNBC’s rating dive is no small thing. The network betrayed its audience and is paying for it.

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