Nolte: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Spreads Conspiracy Theory to Explain Trump’s Booming Economy

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Fresh off losing a fifth of his audience due to the debunking of his Russia Collusion Hoax, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is now spreading an all-new conspiracy theory to explain away President Trump’s booming economy.

And I’m not using the term “conspiracy theory” lightly.

Hayes has an actual “theory” about an actual “conspiracy” involving millions (literally) of business owners secretly plotting to damage Barack Obama and benefit Trump.

In trying to explain why the economy has roared back to life under Trump, Hayes told his nearly two million Twitter followers this [emphasis added]:

Lots of regular people – critics, bloggers, gadflies, etc were able to see this but the commanding heights of the econ/policy/political worlds either could not or would not.

Or, an even less charitable interpretation: they didn’t get it wrong at all. They didn’t want full employment, they didn’t want wage growth and empowered workers and they certainly didn’t want that happening under a Democratic president.

I mean, years of the titans of industry whining about the skills mismatch, how they can’t find good workers, and chin-stroking conferences about labor force participation, and columns about how it was workers’ own fault, on and on and on, all just garbage.

Come close. Hear some truth.

This is how it happened, y’all…

When Obama was president, when Barry the Democrat was president, when a BLACK! man was president, millions and millions and millions of businesses got together, using Skype or something, and colluded to keep the economy down.

What I’m saying is this… Obama’s failed economy had nothing to do with the burdens of Obamacare or all those regulations or him always running around threatening to raise taxes. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. It was a plot. A conspiracy. And after the Republican won, these very same business owners reconvened around a giant table, like the table SPECTRE uses, but bigger cuz there are millions of them, and said, Okay, now we hire! And then, they all sat around and laughed maniacally, like Dr. Evil as fluoride poured into the drinking water.

I’m actually willing to concede a few things in Hayes’s fever screed. For 35 years, I’ve been told the deficit will tank us — it hasn’t, which is why I consider it the “global warming talking point” of the right.

But nowhere does Hayes give any credit to the Trump tax cut, to Trump’s slashing of regulations, or even Trump’s pro-growth attitude — I’m talking about his use of the bully pulpit to tell the world America is open again for business. This stuff matters. A lot. But what matters most is stability, which is why the stock market zoomed back to life after the Mueller Report debunked any hope Trump would be impeached; and “stability” is where Obama failed most.

Obama spent eight years scaring the business community to death, not only with what he did, but his never-ending promise to raise taxes even more, his threats to increase regulations even more. The economy could have eventually absorbed his big government madness had he stopped there, but he seemed determined to create instability by always threatening to do more.

As far as wages, something a Chris Hayes will never tell the truth about is that wage increases are what happens when the unemployment rate hits record low numbers — as it now has. Businesses are struggling to find workers, which means they have to pay more money to attract new ones and hold on to the ones they have.

I have another theory about wages…

Where Obama encouraged illegal immigration, Trump is cracking down on employers who hire and exploit illegals. This environment is probably forcing more employers than normal to hire legal citizens.

If illegals are hired, the unemployment rate doesn’t go down because illegals are not measured in the unemployment. These numbers only move when legal residents benefit from hiring, and wages are more likely to increase when legal citizens do not have to compete with cheap illegal labor.

But imagine how deranged and neurotic Hayes has to be to spread this garbage, and this is a guy with a primetime show on a major cable news network. He’s so unraveled and bitter by Trump’s — and by extension, America’s — success, he’s so freaked out at how poorly this reflects on his Precious Barry and the idea that this economic boom might translate into a second Trump term, he’s spewing the most incredible of lies.

Riddle me this, Chris Hayes…

Why would the very same wealthy, who voted for Obama by a six-point margin in 2008, conspire to tank his economy?

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