Nolte: Embattled CNN Axes More Than 100 Jobs

President of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker attends Variety's Power Of Women: New York presented by Lifetime, at Cipriani Midtown on April 5, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Far-left CNN announced Monday that more than 100 jobs have been axed at the ratings-challenged cable network.

These job cuts are being spun by Brian Stelter, CNN’s left-wing media reporter (who regularly spreads fake news and conspiracy theories), as “no layoffs” but rather “voluntary buyouts throughout the organization, and about 100 people opted for it.”

The only problem with that spin is that buyouts are layoffs with some compensation attached. In other words, “voluntary buyout” is corporatespeak for “layoff.” Generally, if “buyouts” aren’t accepted by enough employees, layoffs follow. For all we know, CNN could have offered these 100-plus employees $1 just to call it a buyout.

If CNN refuses to tell the truth about its own layoffs, about something so obvious, you can only imagine the lies CNN is willing to tell about things that actually matter.

In worse news, Deadline reports [emphasis added] that “more than 100 seasoned workers at the cable news network” lost their jobs — meaning veterans, old hands, those who have been around a while.

Deadline also makes clear that these “buyouts” are layoffs because CNN’s new parent company AT&T is looking to restructure and reduce debt.

Deadline adds [emphasis added], “The buyouts are consistent with similar offerings at HBO and Turner and will see dozens of seasoned employees leave the news brand.” So…

It is only “dozens” at other divisions, but CNN got hit with “more than 100.”

Also of interest is the news that some of CNN’s broadcast operations have moved to Hudson Yards in Manhattan.

Here’s a Google Map of that location, which once again proves CNN does not believe in Global Warming.

If CNN truly believed sea levels are about to rise, why move right on the water?

This is just more bad news for a cable channel that lost 25 percent of what had already been a minuscule audience after the Mueller Report debunked the Russia Collusion Hoax, which dominated the basement-rated channel’s programming for two years.

In fact, ever since CNN chief Jeff Zucker took over, the last-place channel has gotten every major story of the last five-plus years completely wrong:

Throughout the country, due to its bias and fake news, the one-time Most Trusted Name In News is now widely seen as a joke, a national punchline, shorthand for everything that’s gone wrong with the establishment media.

On top of its biases, partisan delusions, big and small lies, and bizarre moments (e.g. wondering aloud if a passenger plane was swallowed by a black hole), CNN also has a dangerous edge.

CNN  launches almost daily hate campaigns against its political enemies on the right — most especially Trump, his supporters, and gun owners (including rape victims) — and openly encourages and embraces political violence and conspiracy theories to achieve its left-wing goals.

Throughout last month, CNN averaged only 767,000 prime time viewers, less than a third of the 2.4 million who tuned into Fox News.

Nevertheless, even though fewer than one million people watch the fake news network, the cable TV game is rigged so that 90 million subsidize CNN.

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