Nolte: American Media Ranks Among World’s Lowest on Coronavirus Trust

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A worldwide YouGov survey found that the American media ranks among the lowest in the world when it comes to trust about the coronavirus.

Between May 5 and 13, YouGov surveyed 26 countries and asked their citizens, “How much do you trust what each of the following say on the COVID-19 situation?”

They were asked about healthcare professionals, friends and family, government, and the media.

What the pollster discovered about the American media was not at all surprising.

“The media tends to be the least trusted group, and in no country does it rank first or second,” YouGov reports. “Trust in the media is lowest in France (26%) and Britain (31%). Aside from these two countries, fewer than half of people trust the press in Italy, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, and the US.”

What’s more, of the 26 countries polled, the media in only five of those 26 countries polled worse than the American media, which landed at about 42 percent trust. The American government only did a little worse at around 41 percent. Friends and family did much better at 71 percent, while health care professionals did the best of all at about 83 percent.

People in Mexico (45 percent) and Germany (54 percent), trust their media more than we Americans trust ours. LOL.

People in the communist countries of Vietnam (80 percent) and China (62 percent) trust their media more than Americans trust ours. LMAO.

Only Poland (38 percent), Sweden (41 percent), Italy (38 percent), the UK (31 percent), and France (26 percent), trust their media less when it comes to the coronavirus than we Americans trust ours.

First off, let me congratulate the people of France and the UK, especially those in New Media (like my British colleague and BFF James Delingpole) for the excellent work they’re doing using truth and facts to expose their horrendous establishment media. A 26 percent and 31 percent trust rating is a job well done. Bravo.

And while I won’t be satisfied until trust in the American mainstream media hits zero, which is where it belongs, the fact that our awful media is the sixth worse in the civilized world has at least put a little spring in my step, a little wind beneath my wings, a little hoodoo in my voodoo.  It’s good to be a soldier on the winning side of a righteous war.

And if you don’t believe the war against the American media is righteous, turn on your TV today, and what you will find are a dozen media corporations spending millions of dollars on mindless propaganda to call our president fatty-fat-fat-fat because he dared to get a prescription from his licensed physician for a medication millions have been taking for decades.

And when the media are not screaming fatty-fat-fat at Trump, they’re attempting to justify touching little girls because Joe Biden does.

Actually, when you realize that, it’s amazing our media only ranked the 21st worst out of 26.

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