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Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to party supporters as she campaigns in the North East of England during a visit to the Linskill Centre on May 12, 2017 in North Shields, United Kingdom. The visit takes the Prime Minister to a traditional heartland of Labour Party support as campaigning events …

POLL: Brits Overwhelmingly Reject Tory ‘Soft Brexit’

The British public is overwhelmingly opposed to the Prime Minister’s plan for a “soft” Brexit and almost a third of voters are prepared to back a new, right wing party committed to a clean Brexit, a poll shows.


Just 12 Per Cent of Brits Would Abandon Brexit

Just 12 per cent of British voters want the government to “abandon Brexit completely” and keep the UK locked inside the European Union (EU), a new poll has revealed.


Poll: English Patriotism Is on the Rise

English patriotism is on the rise, with increasing numbers of people identifying as solely English rather than British, a survey has found.

SNP Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 2

UK’s National Boundaries Form Dividing Line On Brexit

Opinion on the European Union (EU) referendum question may cut across the political divide, but when it comes to the UK’s national boundaries the divide is crystal clear: Scotland backs remaining within the EU while much of England wants out. In May

Cruz Gestures Toward Trump

YouGov/CBS Poll: Trump 49, Cruz 31 in California Primary

A new YouGov/CBS poll shows Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump leading Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) by 18 points, 49-31, ahead of the upcoming California primary. Ohio governor John Kasich clocked in at 16 percent.