Nolte: Crybaby Washington Post Staffers Melt Down over Changes

Matt Murray, named as a new top editor of The Washington Post via Getty Images, pledged to
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“Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff,” Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis told the crybully staffers who run around under the mistaken belief they are “journalists.”

And so the glorious meltdown began, followed by the oh-so predictable backtracking…

This is why the corporate media are doomed.

Don’t get me wrong, leftist propaganda outlets such as the Post, CNN, the Atlantic, etc., will always be around. Some billionaire sugar daddy like Jeff Bezos or sugar mama like Laurene Powell Jobs will always be there to keep their fascist propaganda flowing. What I mean by “doomed” is what matters most to these hateful bigots, and that is their ability to shape and sway public opinion.

After three disastrous years of sailing her sinking ship into icebergs, Lewis finally ousted executive editor Sally Buzbee and then hired two white guys: Robert Winnett, the former deputy editor of Telegraph Media Group, and Matt Murray, the former editor-in-chief at the Wall Street Journal. White Man Murray will take over Buzbee’s role as interim executive editor.

So why the changes? Well…

In 2023, the far-left Washington Post lost … wait for it … wait for it … $77 million!

It gets better…

The Post’s digital revenue has been declining faster than print revenue these last four years. How is that even possible?


Since 2020, the Post’s digital readership has collapsed by 50 percent.

And then there are all the layoffs.

Why is this happening?

Allow me a moment to explain…

Anyway, Lewis held a staff meeting Monday morning and told a few truths and a big lie in the following statement…

“We are going to turn this thing around, but let’s not sugarcoat it. It needs turning around,” said Lewis. “We are losing large amounts of money. Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff. Right. I can’t sugarcoat it anymore.”

No, Lewis, you are not going to turn this thing around. That’s a lie. You can’t turn around an organization infested with entitled, left-wing fascists who crybully every time they fail to get what they want:

During Monday’s meeting, Lewis was asked about his vision for the publication and his commitment to diversity after appointing two white men in senior roles, according to media accounts of the town hall. The exchange grew testy at times, including a moment when Lewis said urgent changes were needed because the publication is dealing with financial losses and declining audiences.

Naturally, only a few days after the staff meeting, Lewis is already squeaking like a gerbil…

“In some quieter moments this week, I have been reflecting on leadership styles, trust and humility,” Lewis wrote in his memo. He shared excerpts of two emails that he got from staffers during the week. One said many members had appreciated his candor, including his blunt statement to the newsroom that “people aren’t reading your stuff.” In the other email, a staffer expressed a willingness “to believe that Monday was just a bad day.”

Lewis said he needs to improve how well he listens and communicates, and told staffers they were being invited to sessions in which his plans for the “third newsroom” would be discussed. “On the concerns many of you raised about creating a diverse workforce that looks more like America, I know I cannot just talk a good game, but need to show it,” he said. “I assure you I will.”


When you’re losing $77 million a year and then apologizing to the very people responsible for driving your company into the dirt, game over.

To begin with, anyone who complains about the color of someone’s skin should immediately be fired. End of story. That level of toxicity combined with a tolerance for that level of toxicity never comes to a good end.

Regardless, the Post has lost its credibility and customers, and the parasites killing this host remain in charge.

I love it. I don’t want the Post to turn things around. Not only that, but I want to watch the Post and all of its reprehensible staffers get what they deserve: a slow, agonizing, and humiliating professional death.

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