Freshly printed copies of the San Francisco Chronicle move on an overhead conveyor belt November 8, 2009 in Fremont, California. One month after the San Francisco Chronicle saw its circulation drop 26 percent, the biggest decline of any major U.S. newspaper, the struggling paper became the first daily general newspaper …

Nolte: Disgraced Media Already Hit with Massive Layoffs in 2018

By the time President Trump’s presidency is over, one of the biggest pieces of fake news we will look back on is when we were told by the media that Trump was good for the media business. According to what is happening in a place called the real world, the truth is that business for the media is horrible.


Tesla Firings May Impact NLRB Investigation

Union-led protests against Tesla’s firing of between 400 to 1000 manufacturing employees may impact a labor complaint filed by the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB) against Tesla’s labor practices on August 31.

The Tesla Model X displayed at a showroom in Corte Madera, California

Tesla Continues Wave of SolarCity Layoffs

Tesla has fired more than 200 additional employees from their SolarCity subsidiary, some of which claim that performance reviews never took place.

Recording artist Nick Carter appears with Kellogg's Tony the Tiger at the announcement of The Gr-r-reat Tony the Tiger Awards at the Hudson Theater August 15, 2002 in New York City. Ten finalists, recognized for overcoming personal challenges, will receive a $10,000 college scholarship and a chance to appear with …

Kellogg’s Layoffs Hit Florida

Breakfast food giant Kellogg’s is continuing mass layoffs, this time focusing on its distribution center in Weston, Florida, where up to 246 workers have now lost their jobs.

espn logo

More Than a ‘Bloodbath’: 100 Layoffs at ESPN

Reports of the number of layoffs to befall employees at cable sports network ESPN have been steadily increasing, but no one expected that the full measure would amount to 100 employees. The shocking toll was realized today as employees began receiving their pink slips.

Walter Reed Middle School (Facebook)

Parents Outraged over Budget Cuts at School for Being ‘Too White’

Parents of students at a North Hollywood middle school are livid after being informed that their school is suffering disproportionate budget cuts that could force layoffs and increase class sizes simply because the school has too high a population of white students.


‘The Guardian’ to Cut 30% of U.S. Staff

British news organization The Guardian announced Thursday it would cut 30% of its U.S. workforce over the next several months, according to reports.

UC Berkeley Black Lives Matter / Million Student March (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

First Layoff at Berkeley, After Minimum Wage Hike, Sparks Protest

Union workers rallied on the campus of the University of California Berkeley Thursday in opposition to the first layoff notice given to a clerical employee as part of a planned series of hundreds of layoffs aimed at erasing a $150 million debt the school has incurred.


God, Gun, Cop-Hating ‘Daily News’ Faces New Round of Layoffs

The New York Daily News hates God, hates guns, hates cops, and really hates conservatives. Apparently, though, even in left-wing New York City, enough readers are hating the Daily News back to spark yet another round of layoffs for the