Israeli PM Netanyahu: Iran Deal ‘a Stunning Historic Mistake’

Following the announcement that the United States and other world powers had reached an agreement with Iran over its nuclear ambitions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the public on the deal.

Netanyahu condemned the deal and described it to be a “stunning historic mistake.”

“While negotiators were closing the deal in Vienna, Iran’s supposedly moderate president chose to go to a rally in Tehran, and at this rally, a frenzied mob burned American and Israeli flags and chanted, ‘Death to America, death to Israel,’” Netanyahu said. “Now, this didn’t happen four years ago, it happened four days ago.”

“In a decade, this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentant and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs, in fact, an entire nuclear arsenal with the means to deliver it,” he added. “What a stunning historic mistake.”

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