Rand Paul: Trump a ‘Fake Conservative’

On this weeks broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) declared his opponent Donald Trump to be “fake conservative” with a long record of supporting liberal positions.

Paul said, “I don’t think we should reward vulgarity and I don’t think vulgarity equates to insight. Because you can shout and call people names and call someone ‘stupid; or call someone ‘fat’ is that really what we’re going to make the decision on for who’s going to be our nominee? I came out of the Tea Party movement. Part of the Tea Party movement is we were upset with fake conservatives and Republicans who weren’t conservative, Republicans for Obamacare and Republicans for the bank bailouts. That’s Donald Trump. He’s been for all of these liberal policies and now because he can stand up and say vulgar things and he’s as truth teller. The truth is what is he for? I have no idea what his real philosophy is other than that he is for promoting himself.”

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