Piers Morgan Invokes Slain Sandy Hook Children to Attack NRA over NASCAR Sponsorship

Piers Morgan shamelessly invoked the children of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to attack the National Rifle Association's sponsorship of an April 13 NASCAR race in Texas, which has now been called "The NRA 500." Morgan called the sponsorship "shameful" and "bloody offensive." 

On Monday's "Piers Morgan Tonight," Morgan said he found it an "astonishing reaction to the worst atrocity involving school children in America" that Don Patrick, a Texas state senator, honestly believes "the answer after an atrocity like that is to allow the NRA to hijack sporting events full of young impressionable children." 

"There's going to be a lot of kids in that audience," Morgan said. "A lot of young children. Some may even be the same age of the children who died at Sandy Hook."

Morgan continued, "What kind of message that this sends to their children that their favorite sporting event that they are going to see with the family maybe is sponsored by a gun lobby group?"

Patrick responded by saying, "You just don't get it. There's nothing wrong with guns and responsible gun ownership."

"And a lot of those young people that you're talking about who will go to the race go also shooting with their mom and dad," Patrick said. "I was talking to the camera person in the studio here. They went out shooting this weekend with their daughter. 

"There's nothing wrong with this, Piers. I know it's just foreign to you."

Patrick reminded the British host that Americans created the "First Amendment" and "the Bill of Rights" because "of your country and our country not agreeing on some issues with the king many years ago."

"The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment allows the NRA to step out and advertise as they wish at this event," he said. "I can guarantee you, of those 190,000 fans who will show up at the racetrack, I bet you'd have a hard time having a CNN reporter find more than a dozen who would be against the NRA sponsoring that event."


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