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‘Gran Vitreous’ Review: Twin Sticks and Neon

There are way too many shapes chasing me, and they’re all neon — which would make a really beautiful pattern if it wasn’t trying to kill me. I’m stuck between that, a giant bitmap UFO, and a gravity well that’s likely to eat all of us if I’m not careful. And I’m having asteroid flashbacks again.

Steam Link First Impressions: Not Bad at All

PC Gamers often wince at the idea of buying a console because 1) we’ve already got a huge library of games, we don’t want to buy a whole other one just so we can play in the living room and 2) you’re downgrading your experience.

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Your Vizio TV May Be Watching You

ProPublica, a nonpartisan journalism outlet I’ve done a bit of pro bono work for in the past, has released a story about how Vizeo’s smart TVs ship with an on-by-default setting that shares quite a bit of fairly invasive information, like very specific viewing habits. This includes a possibly unencrypted IP, since in their recently updated privacy policy they don’t promise that IPs will be encrypted.

‘Kingdom’ Review: Capitalism Works

My horse is swift, my torch is bright, and I’ve got a sack full of sweet, sweet gold to throw right at peasants. I may be a harsh taskmaster, but you’ll all thank me once it gets dark and the monsters come. There’s a blood moon tonight, and anybody who’s shovel-leaning needs to hop to it. In Kingdom, you are the job creator the world needs.

‘Sublevel Zero’ Review: A Rogue-Like ‘Descent’ into Classic Fun

Before I get too far into reviews where I’m “fanboy compromised,” I like to disclose that fact — I enjoyed 1995’s Descent a lot. So when I saw that Sigtrap Games had released a rogue-like Descent-like mine shooter titled Sublevel Zero, I put on my helmet, strapped into the cockpit, and dove in. I was not disappointed.

Media Whips Up Sensationalist Headlines About ‘Drone Porn’

Today the Daily Star posted an article called “DRONE PORN: Shock rise in sex pests filming horny Brit couples from the sky,” which I think we can all agree is the best title ever. The question I was asking myself is, is this true, or are we seeing another moral panic similar to the ones raised about the “notorious hacker known as 4chan”?

Breitbart Tech Editor Hosts Epic 8-Hour Free Speech Live Stream

Milo Yiannopoulos, Noah Dulis and the rest of the Breitbart Tech team held an all-star 8-hour live stream on YouTube today, bringing together cultural libertarian thinkers, gamers, journalists, Hollywood celebrities, Internet personalities, filmmakers, trolls and contrarians in what might be

‘Party Hard’ Review: Silly Serial Killer Simulator with a Funky Beat

Party Hard is strategy stealth murder simulator from Pinokl Games. You play as the Party Hard killer, a man driven to kill people at parties because… they’re too loud. Obviously, the plot isn’t the best part here — the gameplay is, and it’s best to not dwell on it. You’re an angry sociopath in a mask with a knife and with one mission in life: get your knife on.

Drug Drone Drop Derailed

On Monday a civilian drone was seized after it crash landed inside Oklahoma State Penitentiary due to operator error. The drone’s operator hit the razorwire and lost control of the vehicle, which crashed in the McAlester Texas prison where it was confiscated by prison staff.

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Apple Begins Selling 4th Generation Apple TV

4th generation Apple TV models went on sale Monday on Apple’s website, promising new features like games, improved apps, a better user experience, and a larger, redesigned remote with Siri and touch functionality.