10 Questions ABC News and George Stephanopoulos Must Answer About His Hidden $75,000 Clinton Foundation Donation

Rob Kim/Getty Images/AFP
Rob Kim/Getty Images/AFP

Clinton strategist-turned-ABC News host George Stephanopoulos’s non-apology apology on Friday raised more questions than it answered about why he hid from viewers his $75,000 Clinton Foundation donation while conducting a hyper-aggressive interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer.

With myriad mainstream media outlets calling for Stephanopoulos to be benched, ABC News must immediately answer the following questions before the Stephanopoulos scandal further erodes ABC News’s credibility:

1. How many Clinton Foundation events has George Stephanopoulos attended? Were any of the donors investigated in Clinton Cash with Stephanopoulos at those gatherings?

2. Did George Stephanopoulos communicate with his former intern-turned-Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook prior to Stephanopoulos’s harsh interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer? If so, why was this not disclosed to viewers?

3. Did George Stephanopoulos coordinate and communicate with Hillary or Bill Clinton or the Clinton Foundation prior to his interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer?

4. How many meetings has George Stephanopoulos had with other Clinton Foundation donors?

5. What contact has George Stephanopoulos had with any of the investors in Uranium One who are also top Clinton Foundation donors?

6. Has George Stephanopoulos advised the Clinton Foundation in any capacity ever?

7. Has George Stephanopoulos ever spoken at Clinton Foundation events? If so, when and why?

8. Has George Stephanopoulos ever solicited donations for the Clinton Foundation?

9. George Stephanopoulos attacked Peter Schweizer for having briefly been a Bush speechwriter, but Stephanopoulos failed to remind viewers he is a former top Clinton strategist? Why is that?

10. If George Stephanopoulos cannot be trusted to moderate a Republican presidential debate, why should he be trusted to report on anything related to Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House?