Maher: ‘We Should Have A War on Coal’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher declared, “We should have a war on coal” on Friday. Maher wondered, “What’s wrong with a war on coal? We should have a war on coal. It’s completely outdated. … It’s stupid, and it’s

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Moniz Says 24-Day Delay for Iran Inspections is OK

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz once promised “anywhere, anytime” access to Iran’s nuclear sites, known and unknown. In the end, he and the rest of the crack Obama administration negotiating team gave up on that pledge. Instead, they accepted a limited inspections system that will allow Iran to delay disputed inspections by at least 24 days. On Sunday, Moniz made the rounds of the talk shows, claiming that 24 days would be sufficient to detect whatever traces were left of nuclear activity. That is partially true, but does not actually solve the problem.

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Watch: Pluto Probe Phones Home

NASA’s v space probe has phoned home to say it’s successfully passed Pluto. There were scenes of jubilation when the space agency was contacted by the craft, almost 24 hours after it first crossed paths with the dwarf planet. Sky’s Mark

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Next Aggrieved Group: ‘Transabled’–People Who Want to Purposefully Disable Themselves

As we travel pell-mell into a “transhuman” future, one where humans physically remake themselves at will, we are now being presented with “transabled” individuals. People who want to purposefully cut off their arms and/or legs, people who want to blind themselves, and people who otherwise covet becoming disabled in one form or another should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies, and the taxpayer should pay for it.

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