Joe Biden Claims Trump’s Budget Will Defund the Police

Biden for President

Appearing Tuesday on ABC 15, former Vice President Joe Biden attempted to argue that President Donald Trump is in favor of defunding law enforcement across the United States.

A partial transcript is as follows:

STEVE IRVIN: You can’t turn on the television these days in Arizona without seeing an ad that makes some pretty outrageous claims about you and defunding police. I know you’ve been asked this question many times but for Arizonans who are watching right now, where do you stand on defunding the police?

JOE BIDEN: I am opposed to defunding police. As a matter of fact, I call for putting more money in, $300 million to provide for community policing. If you look at the president’s budget, this is a real wake up call, look at his budget, he calls for cutting local funding for police nationally, now, in his budget, by almost a half a billion dollars, I think it’s $447 million.


The vast majority of police are overwhelmingly decent and honorable people. And most of them are embarrassed and absolutely outraged by some of the actions taken place like you saw with the Floyd family.


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