NYT Poll: 4% of Voters Say Biden’s Economy Is ‘Excellent’; 52% Say ‘Poor’

US President Joe Biden speaks about the creation of new manufacturing jobs at the Washingt
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Only four percent of voters believe President Joe Biden’s economy is “excellent,” while 52 percent say it is “poor,” a New York Times/Siena poll found Saturday.

The survey asked respondents, “Thinking about the nation’s economy, how would you rate economic conditions today?”

  • 4 percent said excellent
  • 17 percent said good
  • 27 percent said only fair
  • 52 percent said poor

In addition, a strong majority of voters believe Biden’s America is on the wrong track, as voters look more fondly on former President Donald Trump’s presidency, the poll found:

  • Right track: 25 percent
  • Wrong direction: 64 percent
  • Don’t know/Refused: 11 percent

The poll sampled 1,059 registered voters from April 7-11, with polling having a 3.7 point margin of error. Forty-three percent of respondents voted for Biden in 2020, while only 36 percent voted for Trump.

Voters voiced their concerns about Biden and his economy on an MSNBC panel last week. “I feel like he doesn’t even take accountability at all with what’s going on, not even accountability,” Gigi from Pennsylvania said. “He’s in denial that it’s happening.”

Omar from Michigan agreed with Gigi. “Biden needs to hear the people because when he’s talking about the economy doing stellar, he’s talking about the stock market,” he said. “He’s not looking at joblessness, not talking about how much it costs to go to the grocery store.”

“And he’s gaslighting literally everyone in the process,” Omar added.

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“The interest rate is so high right now, and I know they’re trying to cut the inflation down, but like, if nobody is building, no businesses are really coming to Pennsylvania right now to keep us moving forward,” Virginia from Pennsylvania added.

During the panel, the moderator asked the voters whether Biden or former President Donald Trump would improve the economy. By a show of hands, all eight undecideds chose Trump:

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