Report: Moms Demand Founder ‘a Self-Promoting Tyrant’

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Sources indicate some individuals who previously worked with or for Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts describe her in not-so-idyllic terms like “self-promoting tyrant.”

According to the Daily Caller (TDC), there have been “multiple staff departures” from the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. One source told TDC, “Staff who worked for Shannon quit or are fired faster than the organization can replace them. She’s a nightmare.” Another source added, “Two beliefs unite nearly all gun control supporters: background checks save lives, and Shannon Watts is a self-promoting tyrant.”

Everytown for Gun Safety responded to claims about Watts by describing them as “fake news” meant to distract from how the group  is “effectively providing a counter to the extremist leadership of the NRA.” The NRA countered by pointing to “statistics for state legislatures” during the most recent sessions. Those stats show “28 pro-gun state bills signed into law, seven pro-gun bills awaiting a governor’s signature, seven state pro-gun bills vetoed and 111 pro-gun pieces of legislation that are pending in state legislatures.”

On the other hand, states for gun control legislation during the most recent state legislative sessions show that “one” piece of gun control legislation was signed–and that signature led to a legal challenge–and 34 gun control bills failed.

Everytown did not explain why their means of “effectively” countering NRA leadership failed to stop New Hampshire and North Dakota from abolishing concealed carry permit requirements earlier this year, failed to prevent Arkansas and Georgia from adopting campus carry this year as well, and–more than anything else–failed to secure the election of Hillary Clinton or stop the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

The NRA tweeted:

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