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Hidden Agenda: The FCC's Diversity Officer

Since writing Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio published in May by Simon & Schuster, I’ve been watching developments at the FCC closely. The book suggested the left had a hidden agenda to silence conservative talk radio and that

Who Really Owns the Airwaves?

For decades, Americans have been brainwashed into thinking the broadcast airwaves are public. Are they? Or have we become so accustomed to thinking the airwaves are public that they have become so by default? By designating the airwaves as public

Muzzling CNN's Lou Dobbs

It seems the whacked out left just can’t stand to see their comrades at CNN continue to air the Lou Dobbs show. They were glad to see Glenn Beck move over to the dark side on the Fox News Channel

Minority Broadcasters Seek Bailout

Well if we can spend millions to protect the salt marsh mouse in San Francisco Bay, we can surely shell out billions to bail out minority broadcasters. It’s good for the economy and after all Congress is on record as

Unreal: Broadcaster Freedom Amendment Defeated

For those of us fighting for free speech on American airwaves, this is a major setback. The Broadcaster Freedom Amendment sponsored by Congressmen Greg Walden of Oregon and Mike Pence of Indiana has been defeated. The amendment would have prevented

Where Offensive Speech is Prohibited, Tyranny Will Follow

First it was the National Hispanic Media Coalition calling on the FCC to probe what it feels is hate speech by conservative talk radio hosts. The group claims it isolated 334 incidents of hate speech by John & Ken of

Incoming FCC Chairman: No Censorship

There was good news coming out of the Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday. Julius Genachowski, President Obama’s choice to head the Federal Communications Committee made a strong statement that he does not favor censorship of the broadcast airwaves. It is the

FCC: America's New Speech Police

I find it incredible in America that a regulatory agency thinks it has jurisdiction to probe an independent business. Oh, but I forget about Chrysler, GM, and our banking system. Foolish me. What the Federal Communications Commission is doing is

Obama's Latest Assault on Conservative Talk

There is no question the Obama administration and most Democrats thinks conservative talk radio is something that should be eliminated from the “new” American culture. We documented that in the book Censorship: The Threat to Silence Talk Radio. Now, the

The Fight for Free Speech is On!

There have been several new developments regarding the battle to regulate free speech on your radio. First, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas provided a definitive statement about how the court might view restoration of the Fairness Doctrine. Accordng to WorldNetDaily,

Redistributing the Media

During his campaign Mr. Obama stated numerous times his desire to increase diversity of ownership of media. Minions on the FCC such as Commissioners Copps and Adelstein have also stated their desire to redistribute the media. The first step toward

Eye on the Ball Conservatives: Free Speech

Because I am a conservative, I am obviously a racist. Because I am a conservative, I am a homophobe. Because I am a conservative, I am Islamaphobic. Because I am a conservative, I am hateful. And, Homeland Security says I’m

The Free Speech Attack Machine

I appeared on Mike Pintek’s show on America’s first radio station, KDKA in Pittsburgh, the other night talking about speech regulations the FCC has proposed for radio and television. These regulations would erase more than twenty years of speech governed

Hate Speech Resides on the Left

I thought conservatives were the only group that was guilty of hate speech until I heard Jon Stewart’s rant on Rush Limbaugh. But, that was preceded by New York Governor David Paterson. And, that was preceded by David Letterman. Limbaugh

Letterman: Another Intolerant Robot for the Left

[youtube ag1AuzuDkUY nolink] — Given the choice between watching Letterman or Leno, I choose Leno and have for years. Leno lines up much better politically and I think his humor is much stronger than Letterman. I also think Letterman is

Conservative Talk Ratings Skyrocket

Shortly after last fall’s election, some pundits declared that conservative talk radio was dying. After all, we lost the election and had no impact on voters. In November, an op-ed written by Steve Elman and Alan Tolz for the Boston

Why Air America Sucks

As a talk radio pro who defends and cherishes free speech, it’s time for me to weigh in on why Air America sucks. It’s not that I want them to fail – they already have once. As a free speech

Pardon the Obama Media Hypocrisy!

When writing my book Censorship: The Threat To Silence Talk Radio, I included one of the Obama campaign’s most hypocritical moments. After reading this, you’ll have no question why the “Teleprompter of the United States” needs one. John McCain was

Talk Radio = Hate Speech?

I have been accused of promoting hate speech more than once as a talk radio programmer. In fact, I’ve been accused of it for over 25 years. Who defines hate speech? Many who accuse talk radio of promoting hate want

Free Speech Fades in America

There is growing alarm among talk radio personalities and executives nationwide as the Obama administration embeds socialistic values into the American mainstream. Thanks to President Reagan, broadcasters have been free from the Orwellian Fairness Doctrine for over twenty years. The