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Responding to Critics of Oklahoma's Anti-Sharia Initiative

The growing recognition by the public that sharia is the underlying threat doctrine driving the global jihad and the war against the West gave voice in the last mid-term election in Oklahoma. An amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution, known as

Progressives Embrace Book Burning

NOTE: What follows is adapted from a personal email sent to ThinkProgress’ Matt Duss in response to an attempt at what amounts to book burning through character assassination and slander. Mr. Duss: I have read your most recent posting on

The Progressive 'Analysis' of National Security

Anyone interested in a microcosmic view of how the Alinsky-ite progressives earnestly carry water for the Shariah-driven jihad against America–whether the violent variety or the “Civilization Jihad” version laid out by the Muslim Brotherhood–need only visit any number of progressive

Is Shariah the Same as Jewish Law?

At the recent press conference on Team B II’s report, Shariah: The Threat to America, a reporter from UPI asked the following question: I’ve always thought Shariah was a body of Islamic religious law much like Jewish Halacha, governing peoples’

How to Bury the Threat from Shariah by Pretending It Doesn't Exist

Maajid Nawaz’s oped in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal attempts to draw a distinction between Islam and Islamism. While there may indeed be such an argument if “Islam” means any given Muslim’s personal, subjective approach to the divine and “Islamism” means