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Obama Only Tells Half The Story On Oil Leases

On Halloween the Obama administration announced it was extending nearly 1,400 deep-water oil and gas drilling leases to make up for delays caused by last year’s drilling moratorium. That sounds like good news, but given the Obama administration’s anti-energy track

The Energy Future Is In Fossil Fuels

Remember “green” Enron and “beyond petroleum” BP? Ken Lay and John Browne touted their respective companies as the new future of an old industry. Shell, too, burnished a green image from its European headquarters. In contrast was Lee Raymond of

Energy Production On Federal Lands Way Down Under Obama

The Energy Information Administration recently released its Annual Energy Review 2010[i], providing comprehensive energy statistics on all aspects of the energy system. In 2010, U.S. energy consumption and production increased for all fuels, except hydroelectric power. Real Gross Domestic Product

Politics And Diversion On The Keystone Pipeline

When you are losing a debate, change the subject. That is exactly what Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) tried to do Tuesday by sending a letter to Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph) requesting that the committee

UK's Energy Policy Leading To Poverty

Fuel poverty in the United Kingdom is defined to be when a household spends 10 percent or more of median household income on energy for heating, hot water, lights, and appliances. According to official UK government figures, one in five

Obama EPA Destroying Our Electrical Generation Capacity

As a result of EPA’s Destructive Regulations”These rules will make electricity more expensive and less reliable.They will cost thousands of workers their jobs, and require consumers to pay more for electricity. At least, they will fulfill the President’s campaign pledge

Is China's Green Energy A Myth?

While politicians hawking policies supporting green energy warn that China is overtaking us in that race, many forecasters and analysts think China’s green energy future is a myth. While China is putting more money into green energy technologies than the

Obama Balks At Offshore Oil Drilling-But Not Castro's Cuba

The United States is suffering from high unemployment, high energy prices, stagnant economic growth, and a massive budget deficit. By expediting the development of offshore oil resources, the government could tackle all four of these problems simultaneously. Yet for some

America Can Be An Energy Superpower

Guess what? America could have enough oil resources to meet today’s oil demand levels in the future for decades without importing from unfriendly foreign countries. That is the conclusion of a new report from theNational Petroleum Council (NPC).[i] The report

Rest Of The World Developing Their Oil Resources: Will We?

By November 23, a team of 12 Congressmen and Senators will determine if they can agree on a way to cut at least $1.2 trillion dollars from the federal deficit. If they fail to agree, predetermined cuts will automatically occur,

Green Keynesianism

As world financial markets are whipsawed with each new piece of news, pundits from all stripes are declaring the economic “recovery” has been bogus all along. Yet rather than recognizing that the enormous Keynesian “stimulus” of the last three years

Solving Our Debt Crisis Through Energy Freedom

Things would not look so bleak if the federal government allowed more freedom in the development of American energy resources. Energy freedom would boost economic growth and lower oil prices. The fiscal crisis would be eased as more revenues flowed

Obama And Our Energy Realities

The Obama Administration’s energy policy is all about providing special government (taxpayer) favor for energies that consumers would otherwise reject as too expensive and/or unreliable. Ethanol, wind power, and on-grid solar power, indeed, have been artificially constructed by government largesse

Obama Stifling Energy Production Offshore and Onshore

We all know that the Obama Administration has slowed the progress of oil drilling offshore–in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and offshore Alaska–supposedly to ensure safety because of the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf

Lights Out For the UK? The Blunder of Relying On Wind Power

Because wind does not blow all the time, wind power is an “intermittent” technology that needs other power as back-up to ensure that the lights stay on. Currently, wind capacity is backed up by existing fossil fuel capacity (natural gas

Shale Oil Can Create An American Energy BOOM, If Obama Will Let It

First, hydraulic fracturing gave the United States a boom in shale gas that lowered natural gas prices by 54 percent between 2008 and 2009. Now, shale oil discoveries are being made that can substantially increase onshore oil production. The Bakken

Obama Taps Strategic Petroleum Reserve To Play Politics

Yesterday morning, the Obama Administration announced that they would release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Less than a year ago, the Obama Administration was insisting that its moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

What The Obama Administration Won't Tell You About Solar Power

On Friday, Secretary of the Interior Salazar praised a new solar project in California, expected to be the largest in the world, as a major milestone in fulfilling President Obama’s promise to expand renewable energy.[i] The first phase of the

Renewable Energy Subsidies Are 49 Times Greater Than Those For Fossil Fuel

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently performed two studies evaluating fossil fuel and renewable energy subsidies–one in April and one in May. From those studies, in 2009: Renewable energy subsidies were 49 times greater than fossil fuel subsidies when evaluated


Last year, the Obama Administration placed a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After that ban was lifted, they left a permitorium in place so that American energy companies were still unable to return to work in the