Martin Daubney

The Labour Party’s Biggest Problem Is Its Own Voters

As the dust settles on a bitterly-fought general election, British socialism’s corpse is barely even twitching now, its death rattle long since extinguished.As a journalist who’s covered this campaign from the start on TV, radio and in print, I started

Charlotte Church protests

Social Justice Warriors Are Addicted to Hate. So When Will it Kill?

It’s a perverse modern truism that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are only truly happy when they’re unhappy – and, should sweet misery elude them, they pathologically hunt it down.You see it everywhere and every day. Never, in the field of

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The Aloof Labour Party Has Abandoned the Working Classes

As we approach the final furlong of another make-or-break General Election campaign, and once again both major parties are desperately reaching out to the working classes to help them cling to power, my mind turns back to the fateful election


Hooray For That Much-Maligned Class of Brit, The White Working Class Bloke

Work-shy, racist, crass, scheming, sexist, alcoholic, foul-mouthed, tattooed scum – the white British working classes have never been more reviled by the chattering classes than they are today.And the very worst examples of this reviled sub-species of humanity are men. Feared, pitied and


The Real ‘Everyday Sexism’ Is Against Men

On Friday, the pettiness of modern, online protest feminism versus the stark truth that Britain is becoming increasingly hostile toward men was brought cruelly into view, when two seemingly unconnected news stories collided on the same day. To add a