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Military Drops 'Birth Control Glasses'

An infamous icon from the American military are going into the dustbin of history. S-9 glasses, called “Birth Control Glasses” because they are so ugly, will be replaced by a new more attractive design. Although are they that much of

How to Counter the Chinese Navy… on the Cheap?

The rise of Chinese military power in Asia has been a concern for the United States and our allies in the region. But in an era of defense cuts and a shrinking US Navy, how to best counter them? Is

Syria To Buy Half A Billion Dollars Worth Of Russian Jets

Syria may be ravaged by civil war, but the Assad government has inked a new deal with Russia to purchase $550 million worth of military jets. It’s doubtful that the 36 YAK -130 will be of particular use against anti-Assad

Coming Next: Water Drones

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research in December announced that it was awarding several research contracts (unnamed) to develop a “Large Displacement Unmanned Undersea Vehicle” (LDUUV). These are large underwater drones, which could be used for monitoring, intelligence, or

Marine Video: Why Doesn't The Media Blame It On Obama?

Remember half a decade ago, when the media was pushing story after story about “atrocities” and “torture” in Iraq? There were real acts of cowardly and dishonorable behavior by soldiers in some instances, and they were prosecuted for it. But

Covert War In Iran: But Who Is Waging It?

“If you are shooting, don’t complain about being shot.”–Arabic proverb The New York Times front page lays out what appears to be a fairly aggressive covert war going on in Iran. It was demonstrated most clearly with the assassination just

Obama's Deception on Defense Cuts: 'Reversibility' Is Not a Reality

President Obama’s recent strategic guidance, which outlines cuts to the defense budget of $487 billion over the next decade, is predicated on an important assumption: the cuts that be reversed quickly if we are in a crisis. “[Reversibility] is inherent

China To Washington: You'd Better Be 'Careful'

The Obama Administration’s plans to “refocus” attention on the Asia Pacific region has the Chinese military responding with a warning. The Ministry of Defense said that the United States needs to be “careful in its words and actions” as it

Coming Defense Cuts: Where Will They Come From?

The forthcoming defense cuts, as laid out in the new DoD strategic document Sustaining Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense, calls for severe cuts in particular areas. The nuclear stockpile will be reduced and there will be a reduction

Army To Deploy Smartphones Soon

The U.S. Army expects to be putting battle-ready smartphones into the hands of soldiers by the middle of 2012. It’s a secure version of the Android operating system. The National Security Agency (NSA) needs to first certify that the communication

Europe Today: Merkel The Mistress, Sarkozy The Butler

There’s a new hit on Youtube that tells you more about the mood in Europe than anything you can read in the newspaper or read online. It’s a German video clip (below) which is a spoof of a 1963 comedy

Last F-22 Raptor Rolls Off Production Line

The Air Force will receive an F-22 Raptor, tail number 4195, and it will be the last of the stealthy, 5th generation air superiority fighter jet produced. At least for now. In total, the Air Force will have 185 operational

Obama's 'Victory' In Iraq

Professor Kori Schake at West Point has a devastating piece on President Obama’s declaration of “victory” in Iraq. As she points out, much of the heavy lifting was done by President Bush, not by Obama. And since he has become

Tehran: We May Relocate Uranium Enrichment Facilities To A 'Safer Place'

The Tehran Times reports: TEHRAN – The director of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization said on Wednesday that security considerations may necessitate the relocation of the uranium enrichment facilities. “Our vulnerability in the nuclear area has reached the minimum level,” Gholam

Egypt's Hardline Islamist Future: Watch The Salafists

Egypt’s recent parlimentary elections were a clear-cut victory for Islamist parties. The Muslim Brotherhood one the most votes in the first road. But second place went to an even more hardline Islamist Salafist group, al-Nour. This group is better funded

Eurocrisis: Invite Great Britain To Join NAFTA

Great Britain is fighting hard for its place in an increasingly troublesome European Union (EU) by standing for sovereignty and national independence. How to fix it? Economist Clyde Prestowitz makes this brilliant proposal in Foreign Policy: invite the Brits to

What Is An Ex-Iran Guard Commander Doing At The White House?

If you worry about the growing influence of Iran in neighboring Iraq, look no further than the delegation that visited the White House to proclaim the end of the Iraq War. Standing with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during the

Obama's 'Green' Initiatives: It Pays (BIG) to Be an Obama Bundler.

President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign is promising to raise enormous sums of money, by some estimates and unprecedented $1 billion. The Finance Chair for the 2012 campaign, Matthew Barzun, is reactivating the 2008 financial network of campaign bundlers to meet

Spencer Bachus' Whitewash

Today’s congressional insider trading hearings led by Rep. Spencer Bachus showcased a carefully selected list of expert witnesses designed to protect the status quo and thwart real reform. Among Rep. Bachus’s list of experts were Indiana University Professor Donna Nagy,

Why Doesn't John Kerry Put His Investments Into a 'Blind Trust'?

During the 2004 presidential election, President Clinton’s former chief of staff and President Obama’s current Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta offered Sen. John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry a sage piece of advice. The Senior Senator from Massachusetts