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Admirals and Generals: We Must Cut Foreign Oil Dependence By 30%

The Center for Naval Analysis has assembled a panel of 13 recently retired 3- and 4-star generals and admirals to look at the strategic realities behind our dependence on foreign oil. They’ve now issued a new report with dire warnings

World Bribery: China, Russia, and Mexico the Worst

Transparency International, which focuses on issues of corruption and bribery, is out with its latest index of which countries businessmen are most likely to use bribes overseas to garner business. They looked at 28 countries. Least likely to offer bribes?

Rick Perry: I Would Back Israeli Strike On Iran

Next week the UN International Atomic Energy Agency reports on Iran’s nuclear program. Indications are that the report with offer new details about the weapons program. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is running for the Republican nomination for President, indicated

Is a US-China Space Race Coming?

Professor Andrew Erickson of the U.S. Naval War College is a top expert in the Chinese space program. Just check out his latest edited volume Chinese Aerospace Power: Evolving Maritime Rules and you will see what I mean. He recently

Kyrgyzstan: We Want Americans Out

It’s part of a bigger trend, with US forces set to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. The new Kyrgyz President-elect Almazbek Atambayev now wants a US airbase shut by 2014. The base at Manas is a critical logistics hub for US

Report: Russian Spies Got Close To Hillary Clinton

From the Washington Times and the great Bill Gertz: Anna Chapman: part of a larger spy ring The FBI rounded up a network of deep-cover Russian spies last year after the group came close to placing an agent near a

Army Futures Conference Sees US Financial Meltdown Soon

There was an Alternative Futures Symposium recently put on by the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) at the Army Training and Doctrine Command in Fort Eustis, Virginia. They didn’t look at the threat posed by a nuclear Iran or Islamist

Playing Chicken With The Defense Budget?

Will we have the money we need to meet our national security needs? That depends on whether we are willing to raise taxes. That’s the word from Congressman Adam Smith (D-Washington) who sits on the House Armed Services Committee. He

China's Bailout Of Europe Will Come With Political Strings Attached

European leaders announced yesterday their plan to stabilize the Euro and avoid a potential debt crisis. Reportedly they received a helping hand from China. Pure benevolence, right? A straight business transaction, yes? Well, they do want to make money. China

The Financial Collapse Of Greece Is A Good Thing…

The always interesting to read Jacob Heilbrunn has an interesting perspective on the financial collapse of Greece: it might be a good thing for America. He makes two interesting points. I will let him explain it: “Is there a silver

Pakistan Arresting Informants Who Helped USA Find Bin Laden

We owe these informants a lot. The Obama needs to move heaven and earth to protect them. From the New York Times: WASHINGTON — Pakistan’s top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to

Ahmadinejad: Anti-Semite, Islamists, Environmentalist?!

Sounding like a board member for Greenpeace, Iran’s nuclear-war threatening President explained at a meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) that all environmental problems are caused by capitalism. “The main factor behind the destruction of the environment is the

Don't Worry: Terror-Free Toilets Are On The Way

In Moscow officials are looking to deploy public toilets that can, well, withstand a bomb blast. (After all, no one wants their last minutes on earth to be, well…) The new system will also automatically alert Emergency Services if the

Why Does Obama Want To Give Missile Secrets To Russia?!

Obama says that we need to give our missile technology secrets to the Kremlin in the name of “stability.” And he obviously feels it very strongly. In fact, as former Clinton CIA Director James Woolsey points out in Foreign Policy,

Report: Is Stealth Technology Obsolete?

There’s a troubling new report out by Barry Watts that is a must read for anyone interested in America’s military security. Watts, who formerly served as a member of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, is not an alarmist–but his

D-Day: 67 Years Ago Today

Our men were courageous and our leaders strong. Here is General Eisenhower’s speech on D-Day for the landing at Normandy. [youtube WEyCjN9riiY nolink]

Where Is Pakistan Headed?

In the wake of the successful mission to kill Osama Bin Laden relations with Pakistan are strained. The U.S. is expecting that Pakistan is going to sharply reduce the number of U.S. military trainers allowed in their country. Intelligence sharing