Europe Today: Merkel The Mistress, Sarkozy The Butler

There’s a new hit on Youtube that tells you more about the mood in Europe than anything you can read in the newspaper or read online. It’s a German video clip (below) which is a spoof of a 1963 comedy sketch “Dinner for One.” A German satirist has digitally placed the head of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Sarkozy on the main characters. Merkel is the lady of the manor, who barks orders to her butler, Sarkozy. It’s been retitled A”The 90th Rescue Summit or Euros for No One.” It’s funny, but it also offers insight into the realities of Europe today.

“Get on with it,” Merkel barks to Sarkozy. “Or your AAA rating will only apply to your watered-down champagne.”

“You look richer than ever,” Sarkozy pleads, adding “I’m a brown nose.” He calls for a toast: “To the euro, Mistress!”

At one point Mistress Merkel tells her butler: “Europe’s speaking German!”

[youtube S8kj4JBf-W0]


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