Schwarzenegger Family Hit With One Woman ‘Wrecking Ball’: Miley Cyrus Banned from Kennedy Christmas

Los Angeles, CA

Kennedy matriarch Maria Shriver has reportedly banned Miley Cyrus from celebrating Christmas with her family this holiday season. Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger started dating in November, and his mother reportedly doesn’t approve, according to a source close to the family.

Shriver reportedly told her son that Cyrus will not be celebrating Christmas with them while they are on vacation in Massachusetts, as she is under the impression that the singer is a bad influence on her son.

The inside source said that Shriver wants her son with the “proper people” this Christmas, and Cyrus is not one of them.

The younger Schwarzenegger is now saying he won’t go on the family trip unless his new girlfriend accompanies him.

Shriver’s persistent efforts to keep Cyrus away from family functions has reportedly caused hostility within the family, and Schwarzenegger’s relationship with his mother has become strained, as he continues to defend Cyrus.

Another source told The Sun that the “Wrecking Ball” singer stocked up on X-rated Christmas gifts that she bought in Los Angeles for her new beau.

“Miley bought a whole load of sex toys, including Sexcereal, a breakfast cereal that’s supposed to boost your libido, nipple suckers and a boob luge – a life-size pair of breasts that you drink booze out of,” they said, via The Daily Mail.

Unless Cyrus puts an end to this ongoing feud, or cleans up her act, it looks like she will be spending Christmas with her own family this year.