This Comedian’s Youtube Channel was Shutdown for Fat-Shaming


Is fat-shaming a thing? Comedian Nicole Arbour doesn’t believe so, and she’s taking heat from celebrities who argue it’s not only a problem, but it actually drives people to commit suicide.

Arbour caused a stir online last week after she posted a video to YouTube, titled “Dear Fat People,” in which she questions why obesity is labeled as a disease.

Here are a few of her controversial remarks:

Fat-shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up.

‘Yeah, but I couldn’t fit into a store, that’s discrimination.’ Uh, no. That means you’re too fat. You should stop eating.

If we offend you so much that you lose weight, I’m OK with that…I’ll sleep at night.

Are you gonna tell the doctor that they’re ‘being mean’ and ‘fat-shaming’ you when they say you have f*cking heart disease?

Obesity is a disease? Yeah, so is being a shopaholic.

The video garnered a half-million views before the comedian said it was temporarily shutdown by YouTube on Saturday afternoon.

Arbour said she received an email from Google warning her about violating its terms, per CNN, and claimed to be “the first comedian in the history of @Youtube to be #censored.”

“We literally broke the Internet… With comedy. #censorship,” she tweeted.

Arbour shut down the comments on her page, saying “It means that I don’t give a f*** what u have 2 say.”

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” star Whitney Way Thore weighed in on the video in her own clip posted to YouTube.

“Fat-shaming is a thing; it’s a really big thing, no pun intended,” says Thore in the video. “It is the really nasty spawn of a larger parent problem called body-shaming, which I’m fairly certain everyone on the planet, especially women, has experienced.”

“The next time you see a fat person, you don’t know whether that person has a medical condition that causes them to gain weight,” Thor continued, who said her weight gain was due to polycystic ovarian syndrome.

“You don’t know their mother just died. You don’t know if they’re depressed or suicidal or if they just lost 100 pounds. You don’t know,” she added.

Plus-size model Tess Holliday also commented on Arbour’s remarks, saying “Fat shaming doesn’t save lives, it kills them.”

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