Fat shaming

Dani Mathers (Jason Kempin / Getty)

Playboy Playmate Pleads Not Guilty in Privacy Case

A Playboy Playmate who posted a photo on Snapchat of a naked, 70-year-old woman and made fun of her weight pleaded not guilty Monday to a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy.


Triggered LSU Students Plan Response to ‘Fear-Mongerer’ Milo Visit

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana – An organization of social justice-oriented students at Louisiana State University (LSU) have planned a “response” effort to Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ upcoming lecture, claiming he promotes hate and intolerance.

Dani Mathers Fat-Shaming (Snapchat via NY Daily News)

LAPD Asks ‘Fat-Shamed’ Woman to Come Forward

Police have asked the unknown woman who was publicly “fat-shamed” by 2015 “Playmate of the Year” Dani Mathers to come forward and identify herself so that they can continue their investigation.

Dani Mathers (Jason Kempin / Getty)

Playboy Model Under Criminal Investigation for ‘Fat-Shaming’ Photo

Playboy’s 2015 “Playmate of the Year,” Dani Mathers, 29, is under criminal investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) after she publicly shamed an unidentified woman at an LA Fitness gym by secretly snapping and posting a naked picture of her changing in a private locker room onto social media.


Science Proves It: Fat-Shaming Works

With a little effort, we can help fat people help themselves. But first we have to make sure that “fat acceptance” is given the heart attack it deserves.

Cherchez la Femme‎/Facebook

Facebook Apologises for Banning Feminist Plus-Sized Model Ad

Sydney (AFP) – Facebook has been forced to backtrack after it banned an Australian ad featuring a bikini-clad plus-sized model promoting positive body image, initially saying the photo’s depiction was “undesirable”.


Facebook Page Under Fire for Photoshopping Overweight Celebs to Look Thin

Operation Harpoon, a Facebook page that digitally alters photos of plus-size women to make them appear slimmer, sparked outrage online this week. The controversial page describes itself as “a collaborative art project open to interpretation,” and people aren’t taking it


How To Be Thin

Fat people are disgusting. And, worse, they’re such babies, always coming up with bullshit excuses about their big bones, hormonal problems, slow metabolisms, the “wrong gut bacteria” or, most sickeningly, their feelings. Sorry, landwhales, but no amount of whinging about your

Wry Baby

Baby Apparel Company in Hot Water Over ‘I Hate My Thighs’ Onesie

An infant onesie is causing a frenzy on social media, after consumers ridiculed apparel company Wry Baby for what they deemed as “fat shaming” of babies. Ms. Magazine senior editor Michele Kort condemned the company for “projecting fat awareness” on