McCain To Media ObamaBot: ‘That Was One of the Dumbest Questions I’ve Ever Heard’

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain just held a joint press conference meant to make sure the Obama Administration’s appallingly incompetent, fatal, and dishonest handling of Libya isn’t lost in all the chaff the media’s throwing around the Petraeus sex scandal.

Charles Krauthammer was dead wrong last week when he suggested the Petraeus scandal would force the media to cover Libya. Just the opposite is happening. The media’s using the Petraeus affair to distract away from Libya and to tarnish an institution they despise: the military. We’re moving further away from Libya, not towards it.

And what better example of the media’s distraction-agenda than what McCain appropriately referred to as “one of the dumbest questions” he’s ever heard.


You’ll have to turn the video volume all the way up, but this obtuse reporter seriously seems to suggest to McCain that his Libya inquiry is a big waste of time because the national security issues surrounding the Petraeus affair are what’s really important.

As though Congress can’t do two things at once.

As though the importance of one scandal cancels out the importance of another.

As though four dead Americans don’t add up to a stack of classified documents.

As though a full investigation into Benghazi might make Obama look bad while the Petraeus issue only makes institutions the left-wing media despise look bad: the military and the CIA — oh, bingo!

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the timing of McCain’s presser was in the hopes of bringing the issue to the fore so that one brave soul in the media might actually ask Obama a tough Libya question at this afternoon’s press conference. 

Hold your breath, America.