Soledad O’Brien Takes Rep. Micheal Burgess Apart Over Susan Rice

Because he walked into the lion’s den unprepared for the left-wing buzz-saw that is Soledad O’Brien, Texas Republican Congressman Michael Burgess just got his head handed to him on national cable television.

Burgess is one of 97 Republicans who signed a letter to President Obama protesting in advance the nomination of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to the position of secretary of state.

O’Brien was able to trip Burgess up, though, because Burgess was unable to adequetely respond to three talking points he should’ve seen coming from a mile away because the left-wing media has been using these talking points for days now:

1. The so-called hypocrisy over supporting Condi Rice for secretary of state but not Susan Rice.

2. The defense of Susan Rice using the the ole’ “she was just saying what she was told” ploy.

3. The charge that this criticism of Susan Rice is based on racism and sexism.

What our side needs to understand is that when we can’t adequately answer numbers one and two, three is going to stick. And this of course is the media’s entire gameplan.

What’s especially frustrating, though, is that had Burgess done his homework, he wouldn’t have been caught off guard like he was. Talking points one and two are ridiculous. In fact, to anyone ready for them, they’re slow pitches over the plate and wonderful opportunities to make the case or why Libya is a big deal.

But when you’re not prepared, at best you look like a political opportunist.

And it just doesn’t matter that it’s unfair and biased that Soledad is left-wing shill or that CNN sucks.

That’s the reality we currently live in and if our side doesn’t adjust to that reality and better prepare for these media appearances, nothing is ever going to change.