Gun Control? Don't Get Into the Wrong Argument

Legal gun owners in America have a right to be concerned about the Barack Obama administration, the hard-core leftists and attempts at gun control. Attacks on the second amendment rights of Americans are real and should be fought. These attempts should be fought in the public sphere and when necessary in our courtrooms.

At times, the real battle is one of tactics not what the left presents. The left has raised gun control to a heightened fervor and legal gun owners have responded as expected. Don’t get into the wrong argument; the federal gun registry is the next step for Barack Obama and the anti-second amendment effort.

Americans are easily goaded into a fight and Obama knows this.

Barack Obama wants a public fight on gun control at such a heightened level that second amendment defenders and Republicans will likely compromise on a federal registry to avoid what would never happen in federal court. The second amendment always is and will be upheld.

Don’t buy into the mental health argument either. This is not as simple as they make it, and part of the distraction tactic. Ask yourself, how do you determine the mental capacity of millions of Americans and what methods could ever accurately determine that. Addressing culture, mentally unstable and diminished capacity individuals should be part of a solution-oriented approach. Professionals without a political agenda, not the federal government, should do this.

The left will argue that we should not try or implement controls despite having a perfect solution. They will state repeatedly there are always exceptions. This is a false argument. Sometimes there isn’t a solution. The U.S. Constitution should always be our guide.

Legal gun owners and supporting organizations should focus on minimum, uniform standards at the state level and easier sharing of background check information across state lines. While this requires cooperation among the states and that is often difficult, 30 Republican governors can lead the way.

There’s money in the gun control argument on both sides. Don’t be goaded into the wrong fight. Defeat the anti-second amendment efforts with short-term defense and long-term strategy.