Free-market solutions work well even with abortions

Roe v. Wade will never be overturned. Now do I have your attention?

Americans by-and-large believe in the founding principle of individual liberties even if they don’t agree with that choice, and are often unwilling to take away another’s choice. Individual liberty in American culture is not based on agreement. This does not ignore some actions that are not acceptable in a rational, law-abiding society.

The constant battle between pro-life and pro-choice has to evolve to finding solutions. There is money in the debate on both sides. The involved special interests seem unwilling to work on practical solutions and only want their goals achieved. A solution-oriented approach is how society develops long-term solutions for ongoing issues. This issue has been here since the dawn of society and will exist in the future.


Use the subsidiarity approach. Find what is pragmatic and effective at the lowest level possible. This is a core principle in conservative thought. Effective solutions are often personal and based on accountability. This includes sex education appropriately applied as part of a full education, and not solely by government or special interests.

Here are the bullet points:

  • To reduce the rate of abortions, reduce the rate of pregnancies.
  • When the rate of unwanted pregnancies is reduced, the need for abortion clinics is reduced.
  • A reduced need for abortion clinics means more will likely close or change their business model.
  • The free-market will determine.

I leave it now to you to find the solutions that work best at the personal, familial and local levels.