Obama, NFL, GE and crony capitalism?

President Obama is unsure if his composite son–possibly from one of his composite past girlfriends–would be allowed to play football.

Who doesn’t want safer football and fewer concussions?

But is this really just a crony capitalism set up? The NFL and General Electric led by former Obama jobs czar Jeffrey Immelt have teamed up to develop new technologies for football safety. There is a lot of money in football equipment. It is America’s most-watched game, played by children from the Pop Warner level to the NFL and beyond to semi-pro football leagues.

Imagine what technology patents and equipment sales would be worth to any corporation?

When politics, sports and crony capitalists like Jeffrey Immelt coincide, always err on the side of cynicism and mistrust. Their methods are never altruistic as presented.

Throw the flag and send this one to the review booth: I’ll be watching.