Just To Be Clear

In response to There Should Be Limits To Speech in the Classroom: Nolte– of course his comments are indefensible, hence my calling them disgraceful. I think one of the issues here is that I’ve been largely anesthetized to this type of vitriol having been called similarly hurtful names myself. The capacity and place in which the comments where made, as I acknowledged, are considerably important, Debra. 

The double standard that exists in our discourse is troublesome. Yes, Liz, this scumbag is not the case to make a free speech argument. That wasn’t my intent. And I should know better, because Leftists don’t care about intent. My point was not to defend this clown. My thinking was in reaction to the absurd amount of media coverage this story has received. I walked away from the comments them self as being the larger issue. And having no use for the Faustian bargain with which many on the Right are forced to contend with when dealing with issues of race and sexuality, I downplayed the racial, and sexual preference aspects of the story, and stepped on every rhetorical land mine in the process.