Obama did not lie, he told the truth

Candidate Obama wanted to “fundamentally transform America” and he’s well on his way. 

Americans just weren’t listening. Those that were and could have made a difference didn’t go to the polls on November 6, 2012. If they did they voted “for liberty” or some other BS and well, here we are with an unrestricted political despot in the White House.

Screw sugar-coating it. I’m pissed and many of you dim-wits are to blame. There is no second place in politics and you work with the one closer to your goals. Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, their supporters, the hardcore Evangelicals who wouldn’t vote for a Mormon etc. etc. etc., can all suffer as we all will but without my pity. 

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) just told Phil Mickelson and wealthy Americans to pay .63 cents or more of every dollar earned to help those who didn’t earn as much for whatever reason. 

Combined, Obama and Ellison have the “economic IQ” of less than the .37 cents they’ll leave Phil Mickelson.

The numbers matter and now the CBO says 1.4% GDP growth, 8% unemployment, 7 million Americans who will lose employer healthcare is our immediate future. Add to this 160,000 more people who left the workforce, productivity at 30 year lows, manufacturing at a standstill and welcome to … Barack’s World.

The sheep have been set for the sacrificial altar. And you idiots thought it would be the rich. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Yes, there’s bad grammar and writing above. So what, it’s my rant for the day. Deal with it.