Politics and prostitution for $10,000,000

Politics and prostitution for $10,000,000

It’s not a game show category.

The worlds oldest and the worlds second oldest professions copulated in Charlotte, NC for $10,000,000 dollars.

When I arrived in Charlotte NC for the DNC convention last year I crossed paths with 2 prostitutes (not as a customer) before I even saw a politician. And that was before I checked into my hotel.

Now we discover the real prostitution was the screwing of the Duke Energy shareholders, and subsequently the American people. Only the Obama and DNC faithful got dinner first. 

The DNC will not pay back the $10,000,000 line of credit issued by Duke Energy. Duke Energy has made it a $10,000,000 donation. 

Okay you say, so what’s the big deal? Uh, the really big deal is a $200,000,000 federal stimulus money from the Department of Energy given to Duke and Progress Energy for smart grid development. 

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