This is not "Life of Pi"

Dianna Hanson, a 24 year old intern was killed by her “favorite lion” at the Cat Haven sanctuary in California. As reported, she entered the 4 year old lion named Cous Cous’s cage alone and with one other person in the park. Her Facebook page boasted more pictures of lions and tigers than it did of her friends.

“KMPH reports deputies shot and killed the lion, a 4-year-old named Cous Cous that has been raised at Cat Haven since it was 8 months old, in order to provide medical attention to Hansen.”

She was stupid. Cous Cous is a lion not a house cat. To Cous Cous, one of nature’s great predators she’s lower on the food chain.  

I feel sorry for Cous Cous the poor lion who was shot so they could get to her.