More on the ‘Eric Holder Crowd’ and Dzhokar’s Sudden Silence

Yesterday I noted Senator Lindsey Graham’s musing that the “Eric Holder crowd” was responsible for a federal judge suddenly barging into Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s hospital room and Mirandizing him, leaving FBI interrogators reeling in shock, as the previously cooperative terrorist suddenly fell silent.  I wondered if Graham was insinuating that the decision was personally made by our shockingly incompetent Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Drawing on his own experience working in the Attorney General’s office, radio host Mark Levin says he’s certain Holder made the call:

The answer to me is really quite simple. And I don’t really have to surmise about this.

Having been Chief of Staff to an Attorney General of the United States, I can tell you without equivocation that a case like this is monitored very carefully by the Attorney General’s office and by the criminal division of the Justice Department. And I feel fairly certain in telling you that it was Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, who either initiated this or approved it, but one or the other.

Because a case like this is not going to be handled out of the US Attorney’s office with the US Attorney calling the shots. It’s the Attorney General of the United States at main Justice in Washington, where I used to work, he is going to make the final determination if not the initial determination.

(Transcript courtesy of The Right Scoop, who also has audio of Levin’s remarks.)  The legal case for treating Dzhokar Tsarnaev as a criminal defendant may have been convincing, but there were right ways and wrong ways to go about it.  It wouldn’t be surprising to receive confirmation that Eric Holder took the lead in finding the wrong way.