Government the Oppressor and Bureaucracy the Enabler (Part 2)

When it comes to the long arm of the government targeting conservative groups it is both a systemic and a criminal issue. When the political arm of government becomes the oppressor and bureaucracy the enabler of such bad behavior America is in real trouble.

Who should be held responsible?

Real accountability – not cries of taking responsibility as in a fake firing of Steve Miller – comes from step by step investigation, prosecution and punishment as applicable of Steve Miller, Lois Lerner, Doug Schulman, Sarah Ingram and any other guilty parties.


  1. Root out those guilty starting from the bottom up and go as high as the evidence leads.
  2. Review existing systems and plug the holes that allowed this to happen and where necessary institute and enforce a stringent system of checks and balances NOT new laws as a typical Washington DC reaction.

  3. The political component cannot be ignored. This is a specific and high level targeting of Conservative, evangelical, pro-Israel and any group that opposes President Obama and his progressive agenda to fundamentally transform America. Follow the evidence, and where it leads to the political agenda, destroy it. It is anti-American and anti-Freedom.

  4. In order for the bureaucracy IRS or any other to regain the confidence of the American people this must be brutal and effective.

If President Obama really wanted to fix the problem he would appoint his strongest political opponent to lead a team to root out this corruption. He will not, and that tells you something.