Jesse Jr. and Sandi Jackson – Honor Among ‘Political’ Thieves

Jesse Jr. and Sandi Jackson – Honor Among ‘Political’ Thieves

From the I’m unsympathetic files. Jesse Jackson, Jr. the disgraced son of race huckster Jesse Jackson, Sr. says he wants to go to jail first.

Disgraced former Democrat Congressman Jesse. Jr wants to go to jail first so his convicted former Chicago Alderman wife Sandi can earn –I mean steal– to feed their family. Their children ages 9 and 13 can go live with and sadly learn the race huckster stock and trade from Grandpa for all I care.

In a filing in federal court, his lawyers also said Jackson Jr., 48, has no income other than Social Security payments and a federal pension.

“If he serves his period of incarceration first, Mrs. Jackson would be able to work and could stabilize the family’s finances,” they said.

The defense lawyers said Jackson Jr.’s payments would be suspended if he is incarcerated, but it was unclear whether they meant the Social Security checks or the pension. They did not respond to requests for comment.

They have a team of 8 lawyers.

Maybe they should have less lawyers and save the money to feed their ‘needy’ family. Does anybody get the sad, pathetic irony here? How many of heir ill-served constituents could afford 8 lawyers?