Federal employees say 'Hell, NO!' to ObamaCare

Forbes cites a new survey of federal workers that reveals over 92% of them think they should be allowed to keep their current health care plans, instead of being forced into ObamaCare.  Less than 3% of them are eager to jump aboard the train-wreck ObamaCare exchanges that so many private workers are being forced into.  Also, 96% of them want federal retirees to keep their current insurance programs, instead of Medicare.

Of course, as the Forbes piece notes, these people belong to unions that were instrumental in giving Barack Obama the political support he needed to force his lousy health-care scheme on the rest of us.  And Congress is getting that sweet, sweet taxpayer subsidy it technically doesn’t qualify for, forcing the taxpayer to pick up costs for representatives and staffers that private-sector employees have to pay out of their own pockets.

Every story about ObamaCare features another mass of American workers flung screaming into the public exchanges, which unionized workers and federal employees clearly regard as one of the lower circles of the Inferno, no matter what Administration propagandists are burning your tax money on advertising to tell you.  

So why not put the pedal to the metal, congressional Republicans?  If the public exchanges are so great, let’s put every single damned federal worker into them.  Introduce legislation to abolish all federal health care plans.  Dump 100% of the massive government workforce into ObamaCare.  Let’s hear what your charming friends across the aisle have to say about that.  Let’s hear them explain why the train wreck is good enough for the rest of us, but not for government employees.


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