IRS Targeting Of ObamaCare Critics Should Be A Bigger Story

In response to Banana republic update: cancer patient who complained about ObamaCare gets an IRS audit:

Don’t forget C. Steven Tucker, the health insurance broker who helped Bill Elliott, the cancer patient, keep his insurance. Tucker, a Chicago based “health policy wonk,” appeared on some radio talk shows to talk about Elliott’s case, and others like it. He too is being audited – all the way back to 2003. 

This seems beyond coincidental given this IRS’s history of targeting this president’s political adversaries. Chairman Issa might want to look into how these audits were decided upon. 

Tucker listed and thanked the conservative bloggers who have been covering what should be a major story. 

“BigFurHat” at The trendsetter who started it all.

Daniel Greenfield of
Arlen Williams of who pushed the story out anddetailed it’s movement via Storify.

Fran Eaton at Illinois Review

Jim Hoft of 

Madeleine Morgenstern at The Blaze 
Tom Tillison at

Thomas Lifson at

Mark Steyn at

John Hawkins at 

Sard at

The Right Pundit at

Michael Becker at
Deb at

Even now, Obama’s praetorian guard protects him when it counts.


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