Women are victims…

… and if you don’t agree you’re a misogynist. 

John Nolte writes in Breitbart about Wendy Davis the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas being cast as “the most judged woman” in America. She’s being portrayed as the next female martyr on the altar of the left. When you put yourself in the public eye as Davis did and create a narrative it should be based in unquestionable truth. To question her is no more anti-woman than to question a man being anti-man. A chromosome is the difference between man and woman but the truth knows no gender. 

At least Davis is real unlike Julia, the computer generated construct. Maybe she’ll fade away as fast from the headlines. Democrats and the Obama administration progressives will continue to push the war on women narrative while the willing leftist women play along. 

My question is for the women of America. Are you capable of speaking with one loud voice to reject the war on women narrative? If I may dare answer, I believe you can … so do it. 

What is right is determined by one correct answer over a thousand shouting voices.


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