Mark Halperin Admits Media's Pro-Amnesty Activism Could Help Jeb Win

Using Twitter Monday morning, elite political journalist Mark Halperin made an extraordinary admission about the the left-wing bias among his colleagues in the mainstream media. “Right-wing media under appreciates how much huge MSM support of Jeb Bush on immigration can help him win,” Halperin wrote. 

It isn’t very often such a high-ranking member of the MSM is so open about the fact that the so-called objective mainstream media will actively work to elect candidates who agree with their left-wing policies.

While what Halperin said is obviously true, he is using truth as bait

We all remember the media reassuring the GOP that moderates John McCain and Mitt Romney were the candidates they were most comfortable with.

Then the media pulled very dirty trick in the book to destroy both.

The GOP tried “safe” moderates twice and the media shellacked them.