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A new chapter in the IRS scandal begins


Judicial Watch – the same folks who blew the Benghazi story wide open a few weeks ago, by securing “smoking gun” emails the Administration illegally concealed – just performed the same service for the IRS scandal.  They’ve got smoking-gun emails that conclusively prove the persecution of conservative groups was coordinated from Washington; the Administration’s story about “low-level rogue employees in Cincinnati” is as phony as the “spontaneous video protest” crap they peddled about the Benghazi attack.

Once again, I’m struck by how well Obama’s delaying tactics work to protect him from scandals that could have brought down his Administration.  He and his team of paid liars long ago hit on the tactic of living from one news cycle to the next – a deliberate reversal of the old Washington wisdom that it’s better to dump everything at once (preferably in a literal dumpster out back of the White House, on a Friday afternoon, ideally before a holiday weekend) to avoid the corrosive drip-drip-drip of scandal.  Old Washington hands thought it was dangerous to drag these things out and keep them in the news; better to muscle through a round of tough Sunday shows and get it over with, instead of seeing stories about “new revelations in Whatever-gate” on the front pages, week after week.

Team Obama perceptively understood they didn’t have to worry about that, with the entire mainstream media serving as Obama’s Praetorian Guard.  The press is romantically in love with Obama.  They’re not going to write months-long “narratives” about slowly emerging revelations.  Crucially, they’re never going to dig hard for anything damaging, or castigate the Obama Administration for concealing crucial facts from either reporters or congressional investigators.  For Barack Obama, the media keeps its Memory Hole wide open, and every day is Day One of his presidency.

With that understanding, it was incredibly cunning of Obama and his people to work they way they have, telling whatever ridiculous lies were necessary to get through one week at a time, until each scandal became “old news.”  If this was a Republican Administration, the likes of Hillary Clinton would be excoriated as heartless monsters for shrieking “What difference does it make?” about dead Americans in Benghazi, and anyone who tried to deflect questions by saying “Dude, it was like two years ago” would become the target of late-night satire, the living symbol of a petulant teenage Administration.

Dragging things out helped Obama survive the 2012 election, and age his scandals to the point where the media can write them off as old news, fodder for Republican obsessives.  And yet… those “Republican obsessives” are always right, time and time again.  The IRS scandal is exactly what they said it was, and now we’ve got documentation – illegally hidden after Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act requests, discovered only after FOIA lawsuits – that proves a top Democrat, Sen. Carl Levin, was calling the shots.  This is utterly devastating; it’s the kind of thing Third World dictatorships do.  It’s the kind of thing that provokes uprisings.  It de-legitimizes the very federal government itself, especially given the years of stonewalling and cover-up.

And where was the mighty mainstream media, with its million-dollar newscasts and vast armies of reporters?   None of those guys could file a FOIA request like Judicial Watch did, huh?  None of them was willing to remind its readers of how the IRS, White House, and Democrats peddled a phony story about “low-level rogue agents” in the early days of the scandal – a story we now have written proof they knew was a lie – to survive the first couple of news cycles after the story broke.  None of them will want to run the story now, because it shows how they got played.  They don’t want to vaporize the fairy tale liberals have been telling themselves all year about how “progressive groups were targeted too.”  They know that B.S. has to be kept at least slightly alive, so that liberal Democrat voters can sleep at night, because the truth is too awful for them to contemplate.


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