#DDay70 Broadcast From Normandy – Honoring The Past, Securing The Future

The bravery of the American, British and Canadian soldiers who stormed the beaches in Normandy stands as a singular moment in human history when freedom stood up to fascism.
Operation Overlord was the beginning and the ensuing battles in the weeks and months would change the course of human history. Fascism was denied and freedom for much of our planet was on the rise. 

Over the next few days from the beaches of Normandy I will broadcast, post here on Breitbart, record video and with the D-Day veterans in attendance let them tell their stories.
There will not be a lack of military commanders and dignitaries. I will speak with many of them. They have all come to hallowed ground to honor and remember. 

We cannot forget the Greatest Generation and the sacrifices they made.

Here is a list of reports from Normandy on SiriusXM Satellite Radio blog 

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