Just a Reminder…

With the release of Hillary Clinton’s new book, I see many Republicans in full-on anti-Hillary mode. That’s fine and to be expected. However, I’d like to offer a quick suggestion…

Spend more time focusing on candidates and a platform that could actually beat Hillary than condemning her policy. John McCain and Mitt Romney ran against Barack Obama’s policies without charismatically or adeptly defining their own. How did that work out?


How’s that Obamacare alternative and its fully-functioning website coming along?

How’s that GOP messaging team that would be able to combat a Hillary campaign?

How’s that outreach team that could hit college campuses and communities where school choice and opportunity-driven policies are desperately needed?

Hillary may or may not run, but it doesn’t even matter. What matters is whether the GOP has potential candidates and a communications team with the power to beat anyone espousing the same big-government ideas that hurt this country over and over again.

The questions I posed above should’ve been made a priority a long time ago. GOP, what exactly are you waiting for?

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