Rep. Joe Garcia (D) Says Border Is Secure

Our amigo, Congressman Joe Garcia (D-FL) has been drinking the same border security and tequila-laced kool-aid that Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama have gotten drunk off.

 Garcia seems to think that the U.S. southern border is secure.

Here is an excerpt from Red Alert’s take on the issue:

 “We don’t have a border security problem,” Garcia, who is a member of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, said recently on The Bill Press Show.

He explained that these kids successfully penetrating the border have simply found “a loophole in the immigration system.” Garcia insisted that the border has been adequately “tightened” so as to stop adult immigrants from crossing into the United States.

“We’ve tightened the border so much that putting 250-pound Joe Garcia in northern Texas from Mexico is hard work,” detailed the congressman. “There are so many ways that you can be tripped up, so many places you can be caught.”- Red Alert

 Are you surprised Garcia made such an ignorant statement?

Don’t be.

 Garcia is known for his of-the-wall remarks. Remember when he said that communism works?

 Garcia’s congressional seat is considered a “toss-up,” and he facing a tough reelection challenge from Republican Carlos Curbelo, who has been able raise enough campaign money make this a very competitive race.