Montana Dems Look to Trade One Loser for Another With Dubious Money Ties

Bloomberg is reporting that panicked Montana Democrats are “hoping that their damaged candidate, incumbent John Walsh, will withdraw and former Governor Brian Schweitzer will be tapped to take his place.”

But Schweitzer already passed on running for the Senate just a few short weeks ago. Furthermore, he did so unequivocally and immediately after some questionable financial dealings were exposed by FOX Business reporter David Asman, as reported by Breitbart News here.

Former Montana Governor and possible Democratic U.S. Senate contender Brian Schweitzer (D) is coming under fire after FOX Business reporter David Asman revealed on Monday that Schweitzer’s PAC may have funneled money to a shell 501(c)(4) non-profit that appears to be “just a political vehicle for Brian Schweitzer.”

Not long after that story broke, Schweitzer seemed to make it very clear he wanted no part of a run for Senate.

“I never wanted to be in the U.S. Senate,” said Schweitzer. “I kicked the tires. I walked to the edge and looked over.”

Two weeks after FOX Business reporter David Asman filed a devastating report raising serious questions about former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s PAC funneling money to a shell non-profit, Schweitzer announced on Saturday he will not run for the U.S. Senate.

So, now a guy with questionable financial dealings and no desire to be in the Senate is suddenly the Democrats best hope? It might be a good idea to keep your eyes on the clown car that appears to be the Montana Democrat Party, who knows what candidate may pop out of it next? The only real question may be, will he being carrying a circus umbrella, or wearing a water spritzing boutonniere … or perhaps both?

If, as some suggest, Schweitzer is considering running for the White House in 2016, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose from what will all but assuredly be a failed attempt to join the U.S. Senate in 2014.