Presidente Obama Releases Criminal Illegal Aliens

  We all remember when Presidente Obama let loose a bunch of criminal illegal aliens back in 2013, right? You know, the ones that were cut loose because of “sequester” budget cuts.

 A Homeland Security internal investigation into the release of those illegal aliens found that there were “dozens” of  these convicted criminal aliens set loose who were behind bars for committing crimes such as rape and murder.

 Most of the hundreds with criminal convictions were categorized as “level 3” — meaning they were implicated in lower-level offenses. 

But the group included dozens of “level 1” and “level 2” inmates. Level 1 is a category that includes those convicted of offenses ranging from murder to rape to robbery to serious drug crimes. Level 2 includes those convicted of fraud, burglary, money laundering and other offenses. The IG report did not say which offenses these individuals were being held on. -FOX

Way to go Barry!

 an we expect more of this kind of amnesty for criminal illegal aliens. Yup.


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