Due Process and Protests not Riots After Michael Brown Shooting

If we let uncontrolled emotions rule the day, reason and truth will suffer. 

There are two starkly different stories of how the incident that led to the
fatal shooting of Michael Brown occurred. It should be investigated thoroughly based on evidence. If the policeman is
guilty then he should be charged and prosecuted. If Michael Brown is guilty then the community has to take a good look at itself. 
I’m fine with peaceful protests when a community has issues they want to
Peaceful protesters don’t throw Molotov cocktails or loot businesses. When any part of a protest turns into a violent interaction it is the
responsibility of the police to disperse it. Innocents who may be hurt should be protected from thugs within their protest.
If Ferguson which is two thirds Black has an issue with the police
department being overwhelmingly white then part of the solution is for
blacks to join the police department. 


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