Alan Grayson Wraps American Flag Around His Liberal Agenda

Love him or hate him, but liberal Democrat Alan Grayson is doing the right thing by announcing that he would be providing “American-made flags” to high schools in his congressional district.

“Some of our schools are buying flags made in China because they’re less expensive,” Grayson stated in a press release announcing his flag-donation plan.

“I understand that budgets are tight, but I firmly believe that American-made flags should be used whenever possible, particularly when they’re being purchased with taxpayer funds.-OS

The irony here is that, while Grayson believes in flying American-made only flags, he supports socialist policies that are anything but American.

Take for example the un-American, unaffordable, and job-killing Obamacare, which the “Congressman with Guts” voted for and continues sell as the “best thing since sliced bread.”